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The Birth of an Intelligent Domme – Part V

The fifth installment of a certain subbie’s fantasy about how I might have begun my femdom proclivities.  Please show him your appreciation for his hard work by leaving a comment.

His erection jumped in his leathers this time and he blinked (a sign of submissiveness) and went silent before he regained his composure . . . → Read More: The Birth of an Intelligent Domme – Part V

I Like to Tease

I’m sure you’d already guessed, but I like “a little bit to tease.”  Just a little bit.  Just enough to set your heart pounding, your pulse racing and your cock throbbing.  Enough to make your knees buckle, your lungs pant and your tongue beg.  Beg for the favour of release.  Do you think . . . → Read More: I Like to Tease

Listen to Me…

Now where were we?  Or, rather, where were you?  Oh yes, that’s right, you were tossing and turning in your bed; your hard throbbing cock not allowing you to sleep.  My voice haunted your fevered dreams whenever you did manage to fall asleep.  What did it say?  Not that it matters, really.  The point . . . → Read More: Listen to Me…

Cum Slaves and the Dominant Woman

Chastity slaves, just bear with me for a moment.  I know most men want to cum, whether they’re in chastity, in some kind of relationship or just having fun with their hands, but think on this for a moment.  What if you HAD to cum.  What if you had to cum even when you . . . → Read More: Cum Slaves and the Dominant Woman

What Would You Do For An Orgasm?

Well, what would you do?  I’m talking about those times when you’re on the phone, begging to be allowed to cum.  You know, those times when you usually end up uttering the fatal words, “I’ll do anything”.  We all know how that ends, don’t we?

What I’m Likely to Want

. . . → Read More: What Would You Do For An Orgasm?