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Safe Words

I’ve talked about safe words before so you probably know that I’m all in favour of them when it comes to D/s sessions (and even some rather more vanilla ones).


I was talking to a submissive today about safe words and what he told me was rather disturbing.  We were talking about caning . . . → Read More: Safe Words

A Reluctant Sissy


A reluctant sissy; remember when that was you?  Remember that first pair of panties I cajoled you into?  What a fuss you made!  You whined and complained, pleaded with me to let you go but I wouldn’t.  I persisted because I knew it was what you wanted, what you were really meant to . . . → Read More: A Reluctant Sissy

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Cruelest Phone Sex Mistress of All?


I was asked that question the other day. Not quite in those terms of course, but someone asked me during a conversation on IM who was the cruelest Mistress at LDW. Now, even though callers, and potential callers, could ask our amazing team of Dispatchers or our equally helpful Help . . . → Read More: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Cruelest Phone Sex Mistress of All?

Free Phone Sex!

I suppose you could call me a student of human behaviour.  I’m certainly a people-watcher and that’s one of the reasons I enjoy what I do so much.  (I won’t call it a “job” because it’s far from that!)  I love hearing about your fantasies, your fetishes, those little idiosyncrasies that make . . . → Read More: Free Phone Sex!

Celebrate the Dark Days with Catherine

Yes, Samhain is coming and I want you to help me to celebrate!

What’s Samhain?

Good question!  Well first of all it’s pronounced “sow-en” and put simply, it’s what we had before Christianity tried to change it to Halloween.  It’s the time when Pagans all over the world celebrate the . . . → Read More: Celebrate the Dark Days with Catherine