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What Else Shall I Check, Sissy?

Now that I have you sitting here, all prettied up, with your stockings checked for runs, what else should I check?

How Are Those Panties?

What about those pretty panties you’re wearing?  Do you think I should just make sure they fit properly?  I mean, we don’t want any discomfort, any chafing, do . . . → Read More: What Else Shall I Check, Sissy?

Checking Sissy’s Stockings

My fingertips trail their way up from your ankle bone; I say I’m checking for runs in your stockings, but we both know better. We both know exactly what I’m doing, and your silence is your consent. As my fingertips reach your knee, I see your face flush, your own hands trembling slightly; young . . . → Read More: Checking Sissy’s Stockings

The Call Back

You sit nervously on the couch.  You check your watch again.  Has it really only been a few seconds since you last looked?  You pick up your phone and look at it.  Put it down again.  You clear your throat and swallow.  Hard.  You check the time.  Again.  They did say it would be . . . → Read More: The Call Back

High Heels Are Sexy… Aren’t They?

High Heels for You

Any sissy of mine will be required to wear high heels of one sort or another, it’s as simple as that.  They could be anything from a pair of classic court shoes (“pumps” if you’re American) or a pair of not-so-classic ballet boots.  The court shoes to go . . . → Read More: High Heels Are Sexy… Aren’t They?

So you want to be my sissy maid?

I’m sure you know the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for” and that certainly applies here!  As you can imagine, I receive many requests (or applications as I consider them) to serve as my sissy maid and while I do love a nice sissy maid as much as the next Mistress, . . . → Read More: So you want to be my sissy maid?