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The Conversation About Safe Words

I hadn’t intended to write any more about safe words, but it seems like my first two posts generated quite a discussion.  Mistresses and callers have weighed in with their opinions and experiences around the use (or non-use) of safe words.

Why Not Use Safe Words?

Ms. Olivia mentioned in a comment she . . . → Read More: The Conversation About Safe Words

More About Safe Words

I don’t think I’d quite finished my thoughts about safe words and why you need them, so in case it’s not completely obvious, a safe word (or phrase) is there to make sure no one gets seriously hurt!  I would say to the submissive, if the dominant partner doesn’t want to use a . . . → Read More: More About Safe Words

Safe, Sane and Consensual – Part II

Phone sex is not only safe sex in the sense that you certainly won’t be catching anything nasty, but no one will know about it.  Your calls are private and anonymous so that no one needs to know about your dirty little secrets unless you choose to tell them.  Think about it.  What would . . . → Read More: Safe, Sane and Consensual – Part II