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Chastity for Sissies

You don’t have to be a sissy to be in chastity, nor do you have to be in chastity to be a sissy, but a sissy in chastity is my idea of heaven!  Not only do I get to dress you up like some kind of little doll, but I get to . . . → Read More: Chastity for Sissies

The Joy of Sissies!

Why Do I Like Sissies?

I do like a nice sissy!  What do I mean by that?  Well, a sissy can be so much fun – especially when they’ve come to terms with the fact that they exist for the pleasure and entertainment they can bring to a Mistress.  I have one, . . . → Read More: The Joy of Sissies!

The Hamper Skunk

I know how much you like surprises, so when I got the chance to come home early I took it and entered the house very, very quietly.  The house was strangely quiet but I thought maybe you were taking a nap.  Even better!  I could sneak in and slip under the covers . . . → Read More: The Hamper Skunk

The School Mistress – Part II

If you’d rather listen than read, just click here…

The School Mistress – Part II – another erotic bedtime story by Catherine

All characters in this story are fictitious and the naughty schoolboy is, of course, over the age of 18.  Perhaps if he’d paid more attention to his school work and less attention . . . → Read More: The School Mistress – Part II

Spanked at the Party

This is a special story written by “little x”. If you’d rather listen to me reading the words of little x then just click here…

As we walk up the front steps together, I lean over and say directly into your ear, “I let you come to this party with me as a special . . . → Read More: Spanked at the Party