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A Reluctant Sissy


A reluctant sissy; remember when that was you?  Remember that first pair of panties I cajoled you into?  What a fuss you made!  You whined and complained, pleaded with me to let you go but I wouldn’t.  I persisted because I knew it was what you wanted, what you were really meant to . . . → Read More: A Reluctant Sissy

New Year, New Kink?


Why not? I’m not really into making new year’s resolutions; in so many cases you’re just setting yourself up for failure, resulting in the negative feelings that go along with that. I’m much more in favour of new day resolutions, starting every day with fresh resolve to achieve the things . . . → Read More: New Year, New Kink?

The Joy of Sissies!

Why Do I Like Sissies?

I do like a nice sissy!  What do I mean by that?  Well, a sissy can be so much fun – especially when they’ve come to terms with the fact that they exist for the pleasure and entertainment they can bring to a Mistress.  I have one, . . . → Read More: The Joy of Sissies!

The Hamper Skunk

I know how much you like surprises, so when I got the chance to come home early I took it and entered the house very, very quietly.  The house was strangely quiet but I thought maybe you were taking a nap.  Even better!  I could sneak in and slip under the covers . . . → Read More: The Hamper Skunk

Such a Kinky Phone Call!

As many of you know, I’m most discreet and don’t say much about the kinky phone calls I enjoy. I have to make an exception, though, for one I had the other night! It included the newest member of the LDW family, myself of course and a very perverted panty boy! Oh, . . . → Read More: Such a Kinky Phone Call!