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What Else Shall I Check, Sissy?

Now that I have you sitting here, all prettied up, with your stockings checked for runs, what else should I check?

How Are Those Panties?

What about those pretty panties you’re wearing?  Do you think I should just make sure they fit properly?  I mean, we don’t want any discomfort, any chafing, do . . . → Read More: What Else Shall I Check, Sissy?

The Nervous Sissy

Poor little sissy; sitting there, trembling like an aspen leaf.  Wearing a pair of pretty panties under one’s business suit was one thing, but this was something entirely new.  Entirely big.  Entirely scary.

Will Sissy Be Punished?

What was Mistress going to do?  There had been hints of a “special reward”.  What would . . . → Read More: The Nervous Sissy

Chastity for Sissies

You don’t have to be a sissy to be in chastity, nor do you have to be in chastity to be a sissy, but a sissy in chastity is my idea of heaven!  Not only do I get to dress you up like some kind of little doll, but I get to . . . → Read More: Chastity for Sissies

So Now That You’re In Panties…

Now that I’ve cajoled, wheedled, bullied, coerced, coaxed, inveigled, beguiled and/or seduced you into wearing my panties, what to do with you?

So Many Options

There are many things I might like to do to you, or with you, and so much depends on my mood at on any given . . . → Read More: So Now That You’re In Panties…

Are You a Secret Hamper Skunk?

Oh, I know you called to tell me about how you’d been thinking of panties – specifically your girlfriend’s panties.  It seemed innocent and natural enough, after all your girlfriend’s hot and her panties are pretty, of course you’d want a closer look (and feel).  Turns out, though, that there’s a bit . . . → Read More: Are You a Secret Hamper Skunk?