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“You Really Enjoy This, Don’t You?”

It’s usually said with an expression of surprise.  I’m not often asked the question “Do you like doing what you do?” but sometimes a caller will express surprise that I very obviously DO enjoy it.

It shouldn’t really be a surprise.  Think of it this way, I’m a naturally dominant woman who enjoys all . . . → Read More: “You Really Enjoy This, Don’t You?”

Cock Control

Cock control comes in many forms.  There’s the physical kind of control; the kind that involves heavy metals and locks.  Then there’s the kind that is all to do with what’s going on between your ears, as well as between your legs.

Your Mistress’s Voice

You wake in the night.  Tossing and turning, alternatively . . . → Read More: Cock Control

Cum Slaves and the Dominant Woman

Chastity slaves, just bear with me for a moment.  I know most men want to cum, whether they’re in chastity, in some kind of relationship or just having fun with their hands, but think on this for a moment.  What if you HAD to cum.  What if you had to cum even when you . . . → Read More: Cum Slaves and the Dominant Woman

Stroke For Me

When I say “stroke for me” I’m not talking about our web site, although we DO have one by that name where we encourage you to expose yourself on cam so we can watch you stroke your cock.  I do love to watch a man jerk off for me!  Of course whether . . . → Read More: Stroke For Me

So Now That You’re In Panties…

Now that I’ve cajoled, wheedled, bullied, coerced, coaxed, inveigled, beguiled and/or seduced you into wearing my panties, what to do with you?

So Many Options

There are many things I might like to do to you, or with you, and so much depends on my mood at on any given . . . → Read More: So Now That You’re In Panties…