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Stroke For Me

When I say “stroke for me” I’m not talking about our web site, although we DO have one by that name where we encourage you to expose yourself on cam so we can watch you stroke your cock.  I do love to watch a man jerk off for me!  Of course whether . . . → Read More: Stroke For Me

Two-Mistress Special

A lot of you already know that usually I prefer to have you all to myself.  Yes, I’m a greedy bitch in many ways; the size of cock I prefer, the gifts I like to receive, how much I masturbate, chocolate… need I go on?

Anyway, when it comes to . . . → Read More: Two-Mistress Special

Phone Sex on Cam

Sometimes I have calls (and callers) that are very intense, dark calls that leave the submissive shaking.  Then there’s the other kind, like the one I had the other night – this time I was the one left shaking; shaking with laughter!

Fun With EP

This particular subby had a . . . → Read More: Phone Sex on Cam

May is Masturbation Month at LDW!

First of all I should say “Blessed Beltane” to all my fellow Pagans out there, tomorrow being the most important day of the year.  I hope Beltane is extra special for you this year – we deserve a reward for surviving this past winter!

Masturbation Month Begins!

How appropriate that . . . → Read More: May is Masturbation Month at LDW!

New Kinks and Phone Sex Mistresses

PART II Milking Your Prostate

Continuing from my previous post, are there any new kinks you’d like to try or at least talk about trying? Perhaps there are kinks you’ve heard about that have intrigued you but you’re not sure they’re for you or even how to go about trying them. For . . . → Read More: New Kinks and Phone Sex Mistresses