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Checking Sissy’s Stockings

My fingertips trail their way up from your ankle bone; I say I’m checking for runs in your stockings, but we both know better. We both know exactly what I’m doing, and your silence is your consent. As my fingertips reach your knee, I see your face flush, your own hands trembling slightly; young . . . → Read More: Checking Sissy’s Stockings

The Call Back

You sit nervously on the couch.  You check your watch again.  Has it really only been a few seconds since you last looked?  You pick up your phone and look at it.  Put it down again.  You clear your throat and swallow.  Hard.  You check the time.  Again.  They did say it would be . . . → Read More: The Call Back

Corset Training for Sissies Part II

Realistic Goals

Let’s be realistic about what you want to achieve and what you’re able to achieve.  Again, we’re not talking here about extreme tight-waisting, but rather sculpting a curvier, more feminine shape.  No matter what your body type, any sissy can look sexier and feel sexier for herself and her . . . → Read More: Corset Training for Sissies Part II