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The 12 Days of Mistress – Reprise

Hello you lot, how many of you are here to find out who the Featured Mistress is on Wednesday?  Well if that’s why YOU’RE here, congratulations – your mission is accomplished because I’ll be taking calls between 4am and 9am on Wednesday morning and that means Ms Ally’s picking up the tab!  . . . → Read More: The 12 Days of Mistress – Reprise

I'll Still Be In Your Head

It would seem that some of you find me still inside your head – long after the call is over.  Tommieboy is one of those and wrote this about an “encounter” with me after a recent call.  Don’t say you weren’t warned!

(And if you’d rather listen than read, just go to . . . → Read More: I’ll Still Be In Your Head

The Morning After the Party

Just a quickie (sometimes that’s all you need) to say thank you to everyone who turned out for last night’s party with me and the two sexiest women on LDW – Ms Constance and Ms Hunter!  If you missed it, you can download the podcast or, if you were there, play all the best . . . → Read More: The Morning After the Party

Hot Memorial Day Party

Yes, that’s right – a party for Memorial Day! I understand some of you are going to be celebrating a holiday on May 31? Well, when you’ve finished all that boring family stuff, why don’t you join your favourite Mistresses for a really HOT celebration? That’s right I’ll be joining Ms Hunter and Ms . . . → Read More: Hot Memorial Day Party

Mistress Wants Cock

Another erotic bedtime story from Catherine.

The hallway is lit only by a shaft of moonlight streaming through a window. There’s a faint odour of pot pourri in the air but all is still – no sound either from inside the house or outside. Profound silence, except for my breathing and the . . . → Read More: Mistress Wants Cock