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Magic Bus Special

Yes, that’s right the Magic Bus is back for one last ride!   Recently somebody suggested one last ride on the Bus to celebrate my birthday (thank you rachel!) and so tomorrow night we’re having a Magic Bus instead of the usual Carpet at 9pm.  Although, since tommie and mike have taken over . . . → Read More: Magic Bus Special

Kinky Phone Sex and MORE

So what’s been happening lately? Yes, I know I’ve been sadly neglecting this blog, but I’ve been distracted by all the fun at Enchantrix Empire! Which reminds me, if you haven’t already done so, you should really check out the Empire – our social networking site – at

What . . . → Read More: Kinky Phone Sex and MORE

The Morning After the Party

Just a quickie (sometimes that’s all you need) to say thank you to everyone who turned out for last night’s party with me and the two sexiest women on LDW – Ms Constance and Ms Hunter!  If you missed it, you can download the podcast or, if you were there, play all the best . . . → Read More: The Morning After the Party

Kiss My Arse

This did start out as a blog about the fine art of arse worship (hence the title) but somewhere along the way I thought “Who wants to read my perspective on this activity? About the correct use of tongue, about how the subby should ensure soft, supple lips and the correct application . . . → Read More: Kiss My Arse (or “Ass” if you’re American)

What tommie and kindle did

I have no idea what tommie and kindle got up to in the chat room (not to mention the other Rowdy Boyz) when my back was turned the other night, but it had something to do with the song lyrics that tommie dedicated to me for my birthday. Since modesty forbade me . . . → Read More: What tommie and kindle did