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Submission Takes Strength

Contrary to what’s believed by many in the vanilla community, submission – especially when you’re a man – takes real strength.  You’ll sometimes hear people opine that submissive males must be weak, sissies even.  Neither of those statements is true.  Yes, of course, many sissies are submissive but that doesn’t mean all submissive . . . → Read More: Submission Takes Strength

The Joy of Submission


I get that you don’t get it.  I get that those of you in the vanilla world don’t get the appeal of submission, especially of being a submissive male.  I see the face you make when I say how liberating it is for a man to be submissive to a strong, dominant . . . → Read More: The Joy of Submission

What a Submissive Man Can Do With Hair

Following on last week’s blog post (and I have to say a lot of you had something to say about it) I thought I’d just clear up a little misconception.

Yes, SOME Hair

It’s true, I like my real men, my bulls, my alpha males to have some body hair – including pubic . . . → Read More: What a Submissive Man Can Do With Hair

The Siren/Femdom’s Kiss

We talked, didn’t we, about him being kissed until his knees buckled; we talked about him worshipping my body by being permitted to kiss me anywhere but “there”, but what if I kiss him anywhere but “there”?

Luring Him to His Doom

Many a man has been undone by a kiss.  What if a . . . → Read More: The Siren/Femdom’s Kiss


Well, almost – not quite!  It’s called New Year’s Eve in England, New Years (for some reason) in Canada but in Scotland it’s Hogmanay.

Why Is It Hogmanay To Me?

Even though I was born on the south side of the Scottish border (some, even family members, say the . . . → Read More: Hogmanay!