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The Birth of an Intelligent Domme – Part IV

The fourth installment of subbie’s fantasy about my introduction to the femdom world.  Are you enjoying the saga?

Feeling a little tipsy, which I think made me a little more confident, I decided to try my hand at all I had learned in my research thesis.  I decided right then and there to . . . → Read More: The Birth of an Intelligent Domme – Part IV

The Conversation About Safe Words

I hadn’t intended to write any more about safe words, but it seems like my first two posts generated quite a discussion.  Mistresses and callers have weighed in with their opinions and experiences around the use (or non-use) of safe words.

Why Not Use Safe Words?

Ms. Olivia mentioned in a comment she . . . → Read More: The Conversation About Safe Words

Safe Words

I’ve talked about safe words before so you probably know that I’m all in favour of them when it comes to D/s sessions (and even some rather more vanilla ones).


I was talking to a submissive today about safe words and what he told me was rather disturbing.  We were talking about caning . . . → Read More: Safe Words

What’s Your Favourite?

As you can imagine, I get this question a lot, “What’s your favourite type of call?”.  Now I know that invariably the caller wants me to say whatever fetish, fantasy or kink he’s calling about (even when he’s a first-time caller, and I have no idea what he wants to talk about).

It’s the . . . → Read More: What’s Your Favourite?