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Cross-dressing the Right Way

And just what IS the secret to cross-dressing the right way?  The secret is that there is no “right” way.

Some cross-dressers want to look as feminine as possible; they want to be able to “pass” as women and spare no expense and effort to achieve the desired effect.

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Why Cross-Dressing Can Be Good For You!

Of course there are probably many ways in which cross-dressing can be good for you, but today I’ve been thinking about how much it can boost your overall confidence.  You might be timid and shy in your “every day” life, but what about when you dress as a whole other person?

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Cross-Dressers and Friends

I’m hoping to get lots of feedback on this post because I’m looking for ideas and advice for some of the cross-dressers that call me!

A lot of my cross-dressing callers express the wish for a little company while dressing or planning to dress, en femme.  Many of them wish . . . → Read More: Cross-Dressers and Friends

Embrace Androgyny!

Just because you’d like to explore your feminine side, just because you identify as a sissy, it doesn’t mean you have to suddenly start dressing in everything pink and flouncy!  Whether you’re a sissy, a cross-dresser or in transition, there are subtle ways of changing the way you look.

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Still you say you are not mine?

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