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It’s My Birthday Week!

I celebrate my birthday this week (the 25th) and I have to say the week got off to a great start!   Well, “great” might not be the appropriate word, but yesterday was certainly interesting.


“Let us take you for lunch” they said.  “We can only do it on . . . → Read More: It’s My Birthday Week!

Femdom Phone Sex and Other Stuff!

First of all, a reminder that you still have time to take advantage of our special December pricing – it might be the best gift you receive this year!

What Are You Wearing?

My friend and colleague, Miss Viv, has been busy lately blogging about what she likes and . . . → Read More: Femdom Phone Sex and Other Stuff!

What’s Special About Today?

Well a couple of things, actually.  First of all there’s a bit of a Magic Bus thing happening (the Short Bus) at 7pm Eastern in the chat room and on Cock Radio and then there’s THIS…!


If you’d like to explore some aspect of femdom, then call me . . . → Read More: What’s Special About Today?

The Magic Bus – Cowbell Special!

Never let it be said that I don’t listen to you lot and that I don’t give in to your desires!  (Don’t get too excited – it’s only temporary.)

Moar Cowbell!

Yes, as announced last week, Sunday will see the first Cowbell Special on the Magic Bus.  Over the years . . . → Read More: The Magic Bus – Cowbell Special!

Ready for the Kinky Radio Party!

Tomorrow night’s the special birthday edition of the Magic Bus – so are you ready for some kinky radio? Is your birthday suit all nicely ironed – no wrinkles allowed! I know mine will be silky smooth and ready for the road. In honour of my birthday, and to say thank you . . . → Read More: Ready for the Kinky Radio Party?