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Cock Control

Cock control comes in many forms.  There’s the physical kind of control; the kind that involves heavy metals and locks.  Then there’s the kind that is all to do with what’s going on between your ears, as well as between your legs.

Your Mistress’s Voice

You wake in the night.  Tossing and turning, alternatively . . . → Read More: Cock Control

Chastity Torment

Mmmmmm it’s warm in my bed.  It’s still dark in the silent room, the sheets silky soft and fragrant on my skin, my body totally relaxed and naked.  I’m still half asleep as I stretch luxuriantly and fully.  A soft moan escapes my lips, only to be echoed from somewhere behind me.  I smile to . . . → Read More: Chastity Torment

Did You Miss Me?

Yes, I know I’m late.  I was gone much longer than expected but sometimes things happen that even I can’t control (believe it or not).  Anyway, I’m back now and normal (normal…?) service can resume.  That means I’m taking your kinky calls again and the Magic Bus is back on my live YouTube channel . . . → Read More: Did You Miss Me?

I Just Can’t Say “Yes”

I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say “Yes”!

Well, I can – I just don’t do it very often.  I’m talking about those calls where you’re all hot and horny, you’re dying to cum, maybe you’ve been denying yourself for several days or even weeks and you’ve decided to treat yourself and . . . → Read More: I Just Can’t Say “Yes”

Chastity for Sissies

You don’t have to be a sissy to be in chastity, nor do you have to be in chastity to be a sissy, but a sissy in chastity is my idea of heaven!  Not only do I get to dress you up like some kind of little doll, but I get to . . . → Read More: Chastity for Sissies