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Playing With Your Naughty Bits

I’ve touched on this subject before (pardon the pun) but following some recent calls, I thought it worth mentioning again.  I’m talking about strapon-play, arse-play, anal loving, call it what you like.

It’s Not a Competition!

One would think it would go without saying, but apparently, it doesn’t.  This is not a competition! . . . → Read More: Playing With Your Naughty Bits

All About Anal

Posts about my love of strap-on play do seem to provoke the most reaction!  Apparently, many of you are at least curious about anal play in general and being fucked by my strap-on in particular.  From what I hear, the mere mention of me buckling on my trusty tool tends to make a cock . . . → Read More: All About Anal

My Strap-on, Your Arse. Any Questions?

So let’s assume I’ve somehow managed to persuade you to surrender your arse to my pleasure.  You might be a sissy giving up your back-pussy or you might be a subby giving your all.  You might be something else entirely

Assume the Position

Whatever you are, you’re about to experience the most mind-blowing . . . → Read More: My Strap-on, Your Arse. Any Questions?

The Pleasures of Anal Phone Sex

I first have to confess that this post was inspired by one of Ms Rachel’s.  Reading it, I was reminded that as much as I enjoy fucking my subbies with a variety of objects, strap-on, Aneros, etc., one should always proceed with caution.

Anal Addiction

Yes, it’s possible to become addicted to the pleasures . . . → Read More: The Pleasures of Anal Phone Sex

Anal Sex By Phone

On last week’s Magic Bus I did promise that we’d talk about anal sex tomorrow.  Yes, I’ve finally given in to cannibal’s demands/whining/bitching/complaining and will devote tomorrow night’s Bus to a discussion of anal sex.  (We’ll see how long it lasts before the conversation turns instead to food and various forms of cock teasing…)

. . . → Read More: Anal Sex By Phone