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Sexy, Kinky, Dirty Custom Audios

Just how sexy, kinky and/or dirty do you like it?  Did you know that you can arrange for custom audios from any of the Mistresses at LDW?  Whether you’d like us to read your script, or whether you’d like us to write something for you, simply go to our Erotic Audios web . . . → Read More: Sexy, Kinky, Dirty Custom Audios

Anniversary Month is Almost Over!

November is coming to an end, so that means our anniversary celebrations are almost over too.  Of course, you can celebrate the fact that we’re the best service around all through the year, but we like to do something special during our anniversary month.  During this time we’ve made sissies happy, chronic . . . → Read More: Anniversary Month is Almost Over!

Sissy Pageant 2015!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently you already know that tomorrow sees the 2015 Sissy Pageant Awards Ceremony!  If you haven’t already seen the beautiful sissies that were brave enough to enter, then just click HERE to see the pics.  We’re awarding two prizes; a $100 Victoria’s Secret gift certificate . . . → Read More: Sissy Pageant 2015!

Celebrate the Dark Days with Catherine

Yes, Samhain is coming and I want you to help me to celebrate!

What’s Samhain?

Good question!  Well first of all it’s pronounced “sow-en” and put simply, it’s what we had before Christianity tried to change it to Halloween.  It’s the time when Pagans all over the world celebrate the . . . → Read More: Celebrate the Dark Days with Catherine

Magic Bus Special

Yes, that’s right the Magic Bus is back for one last ride!   Recently somebody suggested one last ride on the Bus to celebrate my birthday (thank you rachel!) and so tomorrow night we’re having a Magic Bus instead of the usual Carpet at 9pm.  Although, since tommie and mike have taken over . . . → Read More: Magic Bus Special