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More Free Phone Sex for Our Anniversary!

Yes, we’re still celebrating 15 years of being the best phone sex company in the business and we want to reward the loyalty of the callers who helped keep us on top!  Tomorrow, the 15th, we’ll be giving away 15 free minutes of phone time to those loyal clients who qualify.  Doesn’t that make . . . → Read More: More Free Phone Sex for Our Anniversary!

The Joy of Submission


I get that you don’t get it.  I get that those of you in the vanilla world don’t get the appeal of submission, especially of being a submissive male.  I see the face you make when I say how liberating it is for a man to be submissive to a strong, dominant . . . → Read More: The Joy of Submission

Contact Me

What I do is all about communication, isn’t it?  And we all know by now (and if you don’t, you should) that Yahoo IM is no more.  Or at least it certainly isn’t what we were used to in terms of keeping in touch with me and your other favourite LDW Mistresses.

Confused? . . . → Read More: Contact Me

The 12 Days of Mistress – Reprise

Hello you lot, how many of you are here to find out who the Featured Mistress is on Wednesday?  Well if that’s why YOU’RE here, congratulations – your mission is accomplished because I’ll be taking calls between 4am and 9am on Wednesday morning and that means Ms Ally’s picking up the tab!  . . . → Read More: The 12 Days of Mistress – Reprise



“Well, subby?  What’s it to be?  You were enjoying those fake dicks a minute ago, wouldn’t you like to try the real thing?”  Subbyhubby thought about it for a moment and decided that he really wouldn’t, however he knew what was expected of him.  “If it pleases you, then I’m . . . → Read More: Dogging