As the door opened I asked my latest victim, “Remember when you said you’d do anything for me?  You did mean it, didn’t you?”  “Of course I did, honey” he slurred back at me.  I made a mental note to make him pay for that “honey”.


A New Guest

My new guest stomped into the room.  He stomped because of the heavy black motorcycle boots he was wearing.  I wouldn’t normally allow them in my house – certainly not in my living room – but they were part of the whole effect so I made allowances.  The boots went perfectly with the rest of the ensemble, the tight leather pants, the black leather jacket studded and buckled.  His chest was bare and muscled and in fact his arms were so muscular that he’d be hard pressed to flick anything off his shoulder.

Meet Alpha

“I’d like you to meet my friend – you can just call him Alpha” I said to the limp heap on the couch.  Truth be told, I couldn’t actually remember the guy’s real name although I could describe, in detail, every inch of his cock and he has a lot of inches!

I seemed to detect the sound of snivelling coming from the couch.  I just smiled.

To be continued/…


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