My victim slid, snivelling, off the couch and onto the floor.  He quite naturally took up a kneeling position, which I admit surprised me a bit, but also pleased me.  Maybe there was hope for him yet!  Alpha loomed over him as only an alpha male can and began to fumble with his leather pants.

Releasing the Cock

I became impatient and released his cock myself from the tight leather and held it in my hand, testing the weight.  I never grew tired of that and never ceased to marvel at the sheer size and weight of that meat.  The touch of my hand caused it to harden and grow as I watched and poor victim began to whimper softly behind me.  “Stop that noise!” I told him, perhaps a little more loudly than was strictly necessary.  “But, but I don’t want to do this – I know what you want and I don’t want to do it – please don’t make me!”, he cried, sounding really quite fearful and miserable.  I almost felt sorry for him.  Almost.

He Promised!

“But darling,” I purred at him, “You said you’d do anything for me, didn’t you?”  In the end I had to hold his nose to make him open his mouth.  As soon as it was open, I slid in Alpha’s massive cock head and watched victim’s face get redder and redder.  He hadn’t even started sucking yet!  I decided it wouldn’t do to have him kneeling there, preparing to suck cock for me, while he was still dressed.  I started tugging at his pants, eventually managing to pull them down.  As I did so I was surprised to see his teeny weeny was hard and positively throbbing!  “But I thought you didn’t want to do it?”  Victim just looked up at me, smiling around the cock in his mouth, and winked.


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