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The Birth of an Intelligent Domme – Part II

Well, it seems as though at least some of you want to read the second part – so here it is!   (Don’t ever say I don’t give you what you want …)

I was invited by the professor who was a colleague of my Psych teacher to come to the university where he taught a class that was sort of a pysch/anthropology course to talk about my thesis in one of his classes.   To cut a long story short, some of the women students were quite intrigued in what I had to say and talked with me after class over coffee at a popular coffee house around the corner from the university.


One of them, a woman named Julia, and I shared the same thoughts on every subject and soon became fast friends.  She invited me to stay in her loft on the bohemian side of town for the duration of my visit and I accepted.  I got a part-time job that allowed me enough time to explore the city at night.  Julia and I both agreed that machismo was a myth and any man that believed in it was probably a neurotic trying to compensate for something lacking in his personality.  Julia and I both agreed wholeheartedly in one of Darwin’s Laws of Attraction that states,” Beauty attracts to perpetuate the species”.  Therefore being beautiful for the female of the species was instinctual.  Another law stated, ” Men being very visual are drawn to beauty”.

The Dominant Woman

That being factual, a woman can use these laws to become the dominant partner in a relationship.  It was Julia’s contention that because men are visual it would explain why most men are fetishists and if a woman knows what particular fetish a man is obsessed with she can use that fetish as leverage to influence his attraction even further.  One night we went out dressed to kill to a very upscale S&M parlour Julia had frequented a few times.  It was there that I began my journey as a femdom,  Mistress and female supremecist.

To be continued/ …


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4 comments to The Birth of an Intelligent Domme – Part II

  • yvonne

    This is fascinating Ms Chatherine. I never thought my cross dressing could be that instinctively I am attracted to beauty and that this is where I find it. All my adult life I have tried to figure this out the why’s and the wherefores. This is an interesting direction to take this. I need to think this out some. I don’t want to over analyze it because it brings me such pleasure, but having an eye into why is something I have always wanted.


  • Ms Catherine, very interesting story. I am looking forward to Part III. I love a story that tells the genesis of a young woman becoming a domme. For me, it was an S&M party I was invited to and fell in love with the scene.

  • Catherine

    Maybe we should all (LDW Mistresses I mean) share our experiences?

  • Catherine

    Yvonne, I do think over-analysing something can be a mistake. Some things have to be enjoyed purely on an organic level without asking questions.

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