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Topping From the Bottom

A subbie topping from the bottom is never an attractive prospect, although I must admit it’s not something I encounter a lot.  There may be a reason for this!

Topping From the Bottom – Type One

There are two kinds of TFTB; one comes about because the subbie is so used to being in charge, being the directing force, that he simply forgets himself and attempts to take over from force of habit.  This can usually be easily forgiven and corrected.  Very often the subbie is simply thinking with his ego and with his cock.

Topping From the Bottom – Type Two

The second is rather more annoying.  This subbie knows exactly what he’s doing and attempts to take charge or question orders simply to annoy his Domme and provoke a reaction, sometimes hoping she’ll strike out or even lose control.  If I sense that this is what you’re doing, then our session will soon be over.  A cheeky subbie is one thing, and his correction can be fun, but an obnoxious one will not be tolerated.  The punishment may not be the one you’re looking for!


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12 comments to Topping From the Bottom

  • spotty

    Topping from the bottom, just don’t!

  • Catherine

    Spotty, I know you’d never dream of doing such a thing!

  • I find the best punishment (and truly the only punishment that an obnoxious sub deserves) for provoking Mistress is to withdraw attention. After all, our little subbie thinks he can outsmart Mistress, but in the end Mistress always has the last laugh. Either follow the rules or be ignored!

  • Catherine, I heart you! I have run into both types. The first is easily corrected in most cases and they put forth the effort to improve. The second, is mainly just looking for a fetish dispenser and has no plans whatsoever on actually following directives. They just want to be rewarded with a beating or attention. Cheeky I’m fine with, I like a subbie with some personality, as long as they follow directions!

  • May I lick & kiss your stilletos from top to bottom?

  • Ms Catherine, I think you analyzed the situation well regarding Topping From The Bottom. Depending on who does it and their motivations, it can be either quite adorable or absolutely annoying. As with most things in life, you got to kiss a lot of frogs to find the prince.

  • Catherine

    It’s true! I know it’s frustrating for many subbies trying to follow the rules, but it really does depend who’s breaking them! 😉

  • Catherine

    Maybe one day. Maybe if you ever do become a good boy.

  • Catherine

    I couldn’t agree more! And yes – a fetish dispenser is exactly what they’re looking for!

  • Catherine

    Excellent advice, Ms Piper, although I doubt you encounter many disobedient subs!

  • tbone

    Mistress Catherine, A sub should never top from the bottom. Slaves need to accept their place in society which is at the bottom. Society demands that certain people are dominant while others are in a subservient role.

  • Catherine

    Indeed. As I’ve said, I don’t mind a sub being a little mischievous, but don’t push it!

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