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The Phone Call

Your hand trembles as you punch in the numbers.  Sweat beads on your forehead.  Your stomach ties itself in several complicated knots. After a moment, a woman’s voice answers.  You’re not quite ready.  You hang up without speaking.

This is Ridiculous!

You tell yourself this is ridiculous; you’re a grown man, you can make a phone call, can’t you?  And anyway, you’ll feel so much better afterwards.  Won’t you?  Afterwards won’t you chide yourself for being so foolish?  For the hundredth time you rehearse what you’re going to say and pick up the phone again.

Bite Your Tongue

This time you tell her what she wants to hear but there’s so much more.  So much more you want to say, need to say.  You bite your tongue to stop the words from spilling out.  And you wait.

After what seems like hours but is really only seconds, a low voice says, “Hello, this is Catherine” and your mouth is dry again,  your brain, scrambled.  Your cock stirs and every thought that formed in your head has now disappeared.  All those carefully rehearsed phrases have gone.  You struggle to form even one word …


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4 comments to The Phone Call

  • zeddie

    Yep, butterflies before a call, twitterpaited during a call, blushing after a call. Every. Single. Time.

  • Catherine

    LOL – twitterpaited! Yes, you know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you?

  • Owen

    I have to admit this is exactly how I feel – scared. Very scared. I think as a man you feel like you should not be so scared and somehow you have to pretend or try not to be. I think if I were able to call it would help if I could just admit that I am terrified. Women have always felt much bigger, stronger and more in control than I do. I think part of me has always felt very scared of women – especially someone who might understand.

  • Catherine

    “As a man”??? *falls about laughing*

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