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The Conversation About Safe Words

I hadn’t intended to write any more about safe words, but it seems like my first two posts generated quite a discussion.  Mistresses and callers have weighed in with their opinions and experiences around the use (or non-use) of safe words.

Why Not Use Safe Words?

Ms. Olivia mentioned in a comment she left me that a caller told her of a Domme that “didn’t like safe words.”  Bloody hell!  Why would she not like safe words? I’d love to have a conversation with her and find out just why she doesn’t like them.  What’s not to like?  They protect the Domme and protect the submissive also.  That’s kinda the point.

Even in Vanilla Play?

Obviously when you’re having a bit of vanilla sex, or even a non-kinky session on the phone (yes, they do happen), then a safe word is not strictly necessary, but have you thought it might be fun?  For instance, if you’re chatting with me on the phone and I introduce a topic you’re not comfortable with, or a concept you don’t like, would it be fun to have a safe word to indicate that you’d like to change the subject without spoiling the mood?  I don’t know.  I’m just asking …


If you’d like to explore this, or some other aspect of femdom, then just call me or, if you’d like to get to know me a little better first, join me for my hosted chat, The Magic Bus, on Sundays at 8 pm EST in our interactive chat room.  YOU MUST B18+ TO PARTICIPATE!

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6 comments to The Conversation About Safe Words

  • Hmmmm….what an interesting idea, Ms. Catherine! I do know that sometimes it can be a bit of a minefield to navigate the conversational terrain, especially when callers can be shy when it comes to telling Mistress what they want. A safe word could be just the thing to help keep the conversation on track without being distracting.

  • Catherine

    Yes, I thought it might be an interesting experiment anyway!

  • The only safe words I know are the words uttered by you Ms Catherine when you purr, ‘Good boy” as I lay my head upon your lap, tracing my ear lobe with a well manicured finger nail making my head swoon, panting profusely and making me feel SAFE, dizzy, with warm fuzzies all over my trembling body.

  • Catherine

    Hmmmm, I wonder if you could ever earn those words …

  • Serving you is a privledge Ms Catherine, I so much wish to be thought as a good boy by you. ~bows head, trembling~

  • Catherine

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves! You have a long way to go before you hear those words from me. A long way …

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