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Now That You’re a Cocksucker …

I’m sorry but there’s no evading the term, you are a cocksucker!  It really doesn’t matter that you’ve only done it once, that you only did it to please me, the fact is if you’ve ever sucked a cock then you’re a cocksucker.  I know, the term is usually thrown around as if it’s some kind of insult, but is it really?  After all, sucking cock’s about giving pleasure, isn’t it?  And how can that be a bad thing?

You Just Need a Little Push

Don’t get me wrong; I do understand that you might need me to give you that extra little push, some additional encouragement, even though it’s to do something you’ve really always wanted to do anyway.  Just as well I’m here, isn’t it?

You’re Not Alone

Is it any comfort to know that you’re not alone?  That many, many of my callers have fantasies similar to yours?  You’re not weird or odd – just horny and perhaps a bit curious!  And when you’re horny, who ya gonna call?


If you’d like to explore this, or some other aspect of femdom, then just call me or, if you’d like to get to know me a little better first, join me for my hosted chat, The Magic Bus, on Sundays at 8 pm Eastern in our interactive chat room.  YOU MUST B18+ TO PARTICIPATE!

Skype ID: CatherineSpanks

For an erotic phone session with Empress Catherine, call 800-601-6975. (Must be 18+. Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10-minute minimum. Discreetly billed to your credit card.)

16 comments to Now That You’re a Cocksucker …

  • Emily

    Yes I am a cocksuker as I have and enjoy doing so . But even if one never has sucked a Cock but just thinks about it all the time then YOU ARE A COCKSUCKER !

  • princess

    Oh my! Wonderful post and audio….I do love being called a ‘cocksucker”!

  • I’m a Cocksucker. It took me a long time to accept it. Even though I’m in the closet and no one knows other than the men whose Cocks I’ve sucked I can’t escape the fact that I’m a Cocksucker.

  • Ms. Catherine,
    My Oh My!
    I love this post and whole heartily agree with you!The particulars you mention don’t matter. How many cocks or even why you sucked that first cock. Cocksucker is now their new moniker!

    Also true ,Cock sucker term is used as a humiliating trigger for some. But for others it is more of an sexual enlightenment. Realizing, and immersing themselves and submitting mind and body to their true nature, and true desires to please and give pleasure to cocks. Brilliant post!

    See you around the Empire! 😘

  • Ms. Catherine- It so often seems that after that first time with a dick in his mouth, the new cocksucker can’t get enough of the thrill, and the taste. I’m not saying it becomes an addiction because that’s not necessarily the case at all, but it does become something to look forward to, especially with a little encouragement from a lovely Mistress such as yourself!

  • Catherine

    Yes, it’s amazing how quickly some men take to it! One might almost think they’d been thinking about it for a long time … 😉

  • Catherine

    Thank you, Ms Erika – I’m glad you agree! 🙂

  • Catherine

    Congratulations on joining the ranks, cocksucker.

  • Catherine

    Thank you for the kind words!

  • Catherine

    Hmmmmm, you may have a point. Cocksucker or simply wannabe cocksucker? And does it matter?

  • Ms. Catherine, it is so much fun teaching a cocksucker what he really is and not allowing him to run from the truth. I think it’s one thing to suck a cock, but it’s quite another hearing the pronouncement “you are a cocksucker” from your Mistress’ lips!

  • Tom

    I am a cocksucker and l love sucking cock at glory holes on my knees with my 10 inch high heels on

  • Catherine

    You sound like a real slut! Just the way I like my cocksuckers …

  • Catherine

    Yes, we both know how much fun it is! 😉

  • Laceyfemme

    It’s true, the very first time I sucked a cock I knew immediately it was my life’s calling. I’ve sucked off hundreds of guys since then, often for groups of cumpleat strangers at adult theaters and bookstores while I’m fully crossdressed. I will never get enough hard cock, hot cum, and humiliating exposure as a sissy cocksucker.

  • Catherine

    It’s so easy to become addicted to cock, isn’t it! Especially the really big, really hard ones!

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