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Submission Takes Strength

Contrary to what’s believed by many in the vanilla community, submission – especially when you’re a man – takes real strength.  You’ll sometimes hear people opine that submissive males must be weak, sissies even.  Neither of those statements is true.  Yes, of course, many sissies are submissive but that doesn’t mean all submissive males are sissies – far from it!  As a feminist (and a naturally dominant woman) I take exception to the idea that it’s “natural” for a woman to be submissive and for the male to be the dominant partner but it’s an old idea that seems to persist in our society.

The Macho Myth

It takes real strength of character to deny the macho myth and admit you enjoy being submissive to a dominant woman and this is why I have so much respect for my subbies.  Of course, not all of them are “out” and still have to maintain a certain persona, especially at work, etc. but that’s where I (and the other Mistresses at LDW) come in.

Safe Submission

We let you express your real self in a safe, anonymous environment and in fact you control the anonymity; you tell us as much or as little about yourself as you like.  Of course, this could be the last time you get to control anything …


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14 comments to Submission Takes Strength

  • So very Weak

    I can’t help but wear. The satin Panties and thigh high Nylons have taken control of me, Mistress !

  • William

    This is an important idea for me. I feel like I am faking it to try to be strong or in the lead with a female. I am single but have figured out that it is not natural for me. I feel like an American 1950’s housewife on the insides. It is much more comfortable and natural for me to have a female tell me what to do and to take the lead. I first began to think this was something real when I had the experience of women just “directing” me (for lack of a better word). It was like it felt right. I am aware that when women “ask” me to do things for them I feel like I “need” to do them. It is a odd thing to tell someone that you like doing chores for her because it is not the normal course of things. I think men who are not this way would not understand.

  • tbone

    Hi Empress Catherine, I am not afraid to admit that I am a submissive male. A lot of that is because i view myself as inferior. I can see myself being subservient to both a dominant female and an alpha male. Society demands that you have people at the top and at the bottom.

  • princess

    So true…it takes courage to let go and be who you are… But it can be soooooo gratifying! Oh, and of the charts “brilliant’ new photo with this post!!!!

  • Ms Catherine, more true words have never been spoken. Your post was so supportive of all the guys out there who are naturally submissive.

  • Petey cream puff

    I don’t mind being submissive.. it’s relationship I want to be in with the women taking control over me which has happened for real!!! My masseuse and new gf are watching what I spend and said they will both kick my butt if I overspend. Now that masseuse knows about my dressing up in women’s clothes she has pictures of me with her phone and can hit send anytime. Though she’s married she told me not to worry about her husband or care what others think. Needless to say I’m wrapped around her fingers and I have to do whatever she wants and asks which I’m fine with.

  • So well put, Ms. Catherine! We truly do still live in a patriarchal society where men are expected to be “men” – meaning for a man to be a “real” man, he should be dominant, in control, and see himself as too solidly masculine to put himself in the hands of and turn control over to any woman. That just wouldn’t be… manly!

    I’m not sure about your own experiences (I would love to hear your take though!), but I have often found that the best submissives are those like the ones you describe as having to “maintain a certain persona”. It amazes me how those men who are expected -by their careers, family, communities, etc.- to be “the man,” who is on top of everything, responsible for others, master decision-makers, and otherwise required to put forth a dominant image all the time in their daily lives, NEED the respite that submission gives them.

    Thank you for pushing to dispel these unfortunate myths that surround male submission. I know your understanding is a great boon for every man who can identify with them.

  • Catherine

    I quite understand, but where’s the white satin bra???

  • Catherine

    I think you’re right, William, the submissive male is so often misunderstood and not just by other men.

  • Catherine

    The word “inferior” has such a negative connotation; we need another term for what you are …

  • Catherine

    Thank you for the kind words, Ms Emma Jane, you obviously understand the difficulties faced by submissive males.

  • Catherine

    As long as you’re all happy with the arrangement, petey, it sounds good to me!

  • Catherine

    Thank you, Ms Cindy – your kind words mean a lot to me! 🙂

  • Catherine

    Thank you, princess! 😉

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