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Submission Requires Strength (Still)

It doesn’t matter what kind of sub you are, or aspire to be, as already discussed it takes real strength to admit and then to live as a submissive to a Mistress.

Respect is Key!

Another common misconception when discussing the subject of a submissive male and his Mistress (or any other D/s relationship for that matter) is that the dominant will be abusive towards the sub.  Wrong!  I have the greatest respect for my subs, and they’re only subjected to abusive language if that’s their “thing.”  No submissive should ever give him/her self to a dominant that doesn’t respect them.

Set Your Boundaries

Every submissive has the right to set their boundaries and should exercise that right always.  Yes, it’s fun to have someone push your boundaries, stretch them a little, but if you have hard boundaries you need to make them known!  Again, if the dominant doesn’t respect those boundaries, then look elsewhere for a little kinky fun!

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5 comments to Submission Requires Strength (Still)

  • What a wonderful post, Ms. Catherine! It’s always amazed me how some submissives think they are obligated to take and accept any kind of abuse or humiliation that a dominant hurls at them. Those with that “But I’m the sub, so I have to take it” position would do well to take your words of wisdom to heart – on both general respect and that for boundaries as well.

    D/s is a two-way street of respect, consideration, and communication. Thank you for being a shining example of that. A caring dominant is a good dominant, and you are the proof in that proverbial pudding.

  • Catherine

    “Respect, consideration and communication” are words to live by! As for pudding, well the proof of the pudding is in the eating … 😉

  • I agree that submission does require strength, but it also requires inspiration. I’d say a sexy Mistress like you knows a thing or two about inspiring a sub! BTW, do you have new pictures, or have I somehow missed these hot numbers from before. They are STUNNING!

  • princess

    Well said………and let me just say again….the new look is a total WOW! Gorgeous pic with this post!

  • Ms Catherine, I think successful D/s play starts with mutual respect, including respect for boundaries. A good Mistress will never get too far out in front of her submissive. It’s all about mutual fun and learning about oneself.

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