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Cross-dressing the Right Way

And just what IS the secret to cross-dressing the right way?  The secret is that there is no “right” way.

Some cross-dressers want to look as feminine as possible; they want to be able to “pass” as women and spare no expense and effort to achieve the desired effect.

Just Panties If You Like

However, some cross-dressers simply enjoy the feeling of wearing a pair of panties at every opportunity.  Some enjoy the softness, the silkiness of the fabric and some like the idea of a naughty little secret under their everyday clothes!

Then there are the cross-dressers who occasionally like to wear something femme, but only when the fancy takes them and the idea of dressing that way full time doesn’t appeal at all.

Every Cross-Dresser is Different

The point is that everyone is different, even – or especially – in the world of cross-dressing and there isn’t a right or wrong way there is only your way.  Don’t let anyone make you feel you’re not “doing it right” because as long as you’re happy with what you’re doing that should be enough.  There are groups that enable like-thinking cross-dressers to get together and exchange ideas, and I think these are great but please don’t let anyone make you feel you don’t belong.  Dress in a way that makes you feel good – the only right way of cross-dressing is what’s right for you.


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8 comments to Cross-dressing the Right Way

  • Petey cream puff

    I love cross dressing !!! The satin panties/bra/slip against my soft smooth smelling girlish waxed skin!!! My dresses/leggings/yoga pants/women’s turtleneck sweaters/silk blouses fit and feel so much better on me then my boring boy clothes. Also wearing my ankle and knee high boots give me girlish walk as well along with putting my wig as hair gets in my eyes and feels so soft against my shoulders. When I’m dressed up I can’t believe how I look!!! I have girlish legs with my heels on and I really look better dressed up as a girl. If I’m not hurting or doing anything illegal then I could care less what others think. My masseuse knows I dress and she has accepted this and told me I have to accept this as it’s who I am. She even measured and fitted me in bra took pictures of me dressed up then went with her in public holding her purse and shopping bags. That was so hot!!! She said not to worry about her husband or care what others think. We went to lunch Friday and I dressed up and plan on doing that tomorrow when I have massage then new gf will be after me and she will see me dressed up as it’s time she knew this about me.

    Ps love your new hair style!!! Very sexy!!!

  • newt/princess

    Wonderful post & audio! I DO love panties and wear them daily… well as other sissy attire whenever possible! You’re correct of course, there is no ‘right’ way…..Just a lot of sexy and fun things to choose from….BTW…….I love, Love, LOVE your new hairdo, in the pic with this post!!! Just lovely ! 🙂

  • Catherine

    Well, thank you, newt-boy 😉

  • Catherine

    Thank you for the compliment, petey!

  • Ms Catherine, your post was very supportive and helpful for our crossdressers to read. Crossdressing is such an intimate and individualized expression of a man’s femininity, I always feel excited when he feels comfortable in sharing that part of himself.

  • TeasedM

    I LOVE Your new hairdo Ms Catherine – perfect.
    I miss You and need to play with You!!

  • Catherine

    I agree with you, Ms Cindy, it’s so very individual that it’s impossible to generalise. Your callers are lucky to have such a sensitive Mistress! 🙂

  • Catherine

    Thank you, darling – I miss you too!

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