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What Else Shall I Check, Sissy?

Now that I have you sitting here, all prettied up, with your stockings checked for runs, what else should I check?

How Are Those Panties?

What about those pretty panties you’re wearing?  Do you think I should just make sure they fit properly?  I mean, we don’t want any discomfort, any chafing, do we?  Of course not!  Okay then, so I’ll just run my fingertips across the front of your panties, perhaps check the elastic for … well … elasticity by worming my fingers underneath.

What’s This?

But what do I find?  Not only a stiff little clitty but a wet spot on the front of your panties!  Don’t try to deny it – I can feel it!  The question is, what do we do about it?  Any suggestions?


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10 comments to What Else Shall I Check, Sissy?

  • Petey cream puff

    Yes you do need to check my panties as the soft fabric has me hard me hard and ready to explode. With my skin girlish soft/smelling along with being put in bra/wig/makeup/lipstick I’m so helpless/weak/submissive and feminine. If I make cummies I’ve no choice to stay this way all the time and be locked up in chastity.

  • sissy belinda

    Oh oh oh Ms Catherine,

    your have to show me to all the superiors ladies for their amusement.


    sissy belinda

  • Ms Catherine, it’s always fun inspecting a sissy’s panties. One never knows what secrets are to be revealed through such a search. No doubt your sissies are grateful for the care you give them in making sure everything is just right.

  • Catherine

    Yes, there’s nothing like having a good rummage under a sissy’s petticoats! 😉

  • Catherine

    Oh, belinda, it’s always fun having you twirl for us!

  • Catherine

    Chastity seems like the only answer for you, petey …

  • sissybelinda

    Hello Ms Catherine,

    twirllllllllllllllllllllll i miss you

  • Catherine

    Twirly girl! Darling, I miss you too 🙂

  • sissybelinda

    Oh Ms are you still on yahoo?


  • Catherine

    Belinda, I don’t think anyone is still on yahoo! You can chat with me on using their chat function 🙂

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