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Safe, Sane and Consensual Cuckolding

When it comes to cuckolding perhaps the most important of the three rules is “Consensual”.  That’s my opinion anyway, and it’s what I tell my callers who want to talk about the subject.  Some of them want to know how they can “persuade” their wives or girlfriends to go along with the idea.  How they can “get her to co-operate”.

Talk About It, Then Talk About It Again

Sometimes when I’m asked that question I want simply to say, “You can’t!” because I don’t think you should be coercing or persuading your partner to participate in something she doesn’t want to do.  By all means, talk to her about your fantasy and ask her how she feels about it but if she’s adamant she doesn’t want to do it, then let it go!

Fantasy Only Please!

While some relationships are strong enough to survive cuckolding and some are positively enhanced by it, some are simply not and what’s been done cannot be undone.  Many of my callers lead a very happy fantasy life with their partners; they’ll lie in bed together (or wherever strikes their fancy) and the woman will tell her man in great detail about a sexual encounter she just had with a stranger (it’s usually a stranger, but not always).  Of course it’s all fiction and they both know it but it’s highly arousing to them both – the guy’s cock growing harder with each revelation – and they go on to have some wild and amazing sex!


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13 comments to Safe, Sane and Consensual Cuckolding

  • You make a very important point here, Ms. Catherine. All of the “real” cuckolds I’ve talked to describe a cuckolding relationship as very complicated. While they may be glad they’ve introduced this particular fetish into their relationship, it is very difficult to play by the rules they’ve set up. Best to keep this kink in the realm of fantasy until one fully understands the ramifications.

  • spotty

    I have that a nightmare is a fantasy realized, so your advice to thread carefully should be well heeded, Ms Catherine. In other words be careful what you wish for!

  • spotty

    *edit* I have heard…..

    That’s what happens when you comment a three AM!

  • spotty

    *edit* at…

  • Miss Catherine, there’s certainly a big gap between cuckold fantasies and actually engaging in cuckoldry with your partner. I think for most guys the fantasy enough to get off on. After all, the male ego is a very fragile thing.

  • Alex

    I agree completely with you Mistress. Trying to coerce your partner is a bad idea. It should be mutual , although some couple are not built for that lifestyle. My mairrage with my wife is a bonafide cuckold realtionship, right from the beginning. We talked about it alot. Bascially ,in the bedroom im not able to please my wife. She has found herself a lover, and they meet for sex on a regular basis. When she done , she comes back home to me. However, its not for everyone.

  • Catherine

    You’re right, Alex, it’s not for everyone but I’m glad you and your wife found a way to make it right for you.

  • Catherine

    Yes, so often the fantasy is more exciting than the reality could ever be!

  • Catherine

    Yes, spotty, for more reasons than one!

  • Catherine

    Talk, talk and then talk some more is a good start when considering a cuckold relationship.

  • Mike

    My “relationships” have been spotty in my life. I know I have been “cuckolded” but not “officially”. She did not use that word and I did not even know that word back then. But it was just how it was – she dated people, not tons but when she wanted to she did.
    I was always torn by this. A big part of me was jealous, felt guilty, envy, felt shame, but I know I also felt excitement by it.
    I always knew I was pretty small and I know that that is a part of satisfaction for females. In the end I accept it and sort of want the female (I am not with her anymore) to have what she wants/needs.

  • Catherine

    Yes, that’s the paradox about cuckolding, isn’t it? The cuckold feels jealous, envious, humiliated and yet it’s also so exciting for him.

  • Catherine

    Yes, indeed, spotty! And what are YOU wishing for at the moment?

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