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The Cuckold’s Dilemma Part II

So now that you’ve talked her into it, now that’s she taken to it oh-so-completely, what now?  Do you continue?  I mean, you want to see just how far she’ll go, don’t you?  You want to see just how completely she’ll give herself to another man.  Don’t you want to see if she gets tired of those big cocks and wants to return (happily) to yours?  Lol – no, I don’t think you want to know that!

It’s In Her Hands Now

You may have initiated this whole cuckold lifestyle, but it’s in her hands now.  She’s totally in control.  She controls every aspect of your sex life, doesn’t she?  And isn’t that just how it should be?  Of course, it is!

Who Will Be Next?

It’ll be interesting to see, won’t it, who she brings home next?  Will it be a stranger or someone you both know?  Maybe, someone she works with?  Would it be too cruel if she brought home, someone you work with?

Cuckolding.  The perfect mix of pleasure and pain for a man like you.




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4 comments to The Cuckold’s Dilemma Part II

  • Ms Catherine, sometimes when you wish for something to occur and it happens, that’s when the trouble begins. A man is forever behind the 8 ball as the woman ultimately controls the rose petals that open up for him to penetrate. If a cuckold has an unimpressive penis, like so many do, he is doomed to a life of servitude and envy.

  • Catherine

    Beautifully put, Ms Cindy! You always seem to “get it” – we really must do more calls together 🙂

  • Truly a women Should control every aspect of a man’s sex life. We were meant to reign over men in my opinion. AT least I think we would have a much better world if that was the case. Women should be free to have many lovers while men just have the one female. What a delightful world that would be if women every where took back their power.

  • Catherine

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Ms Simone! Come the revolution …

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