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A Reluctant Sissy


A reluctant sissy; remember when that was you?  Remember that first pair of panties I cajoled you into?  What a fuss you made!  You whined and complained, pleaded with me to let you go but I wouldn’t.  I persisted because I knew it was what you wanted, what you were really meant to be and because I knew how happy it would make you.

First Panties

I got you into that first pair of panties, those panties that transformed your penis from a cock to a clitty and, admit it; you’ve never looked back since!  It’s funny how a simple pair of panties will have that effect on a man, how they can change a cock to a clitty and a man to a sissy.

A Better Girlfriend Than A Lover

Because it turned out that you weren’t much cop as a lover, but you certainly make a wonderful best girlfriend and aren’t you so much happier now?  I know I am!  It’s fun to have someone like you to go shopping with, lunching with and … well, those other things we like to share together.  And you can’t deny how much you enjoy those “other things” because as always, your stiff little clitty gives you away.

Just relax and enjoy what you really are, what you were always meant to be – my favourite sissy.


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14 comments to A Reluctant Sissy

  • Sometimes a sissy does need some encouragement. I do not know why some of them think they can possibly be masculine again.I always get a laugh out of that!Once a sissy admits they love feeling feminine and turns in his man card, life is much easier.

  • michael

    I had a girl do this. Basically she made me dress up for her. It is hard to explain the power of her and it. She just made me.
    I had not often felt that sort of power from a female and it is hard to explain it. If I were to tell most people I had no choice I don’t know they would understand how it was for me. I know this girl did not see me as “boyfriend material”. She changed in front of me and told me about her boyfriends and dates (openly). Then one day she just decided to make me dress up for her. I was so enthralled with her that I felt like I had to. It is hard to explain how powerful it was. I felt very weak with her.

  • Petey cream puff

    I’ve accepted who I am and become by being put in panties/bra/lipstick/makeup/wig/feminine arched eyebrows/dresses/slip along with lipstick kisses on my cheeks wearing dresses/women’s clothes. I am happier having you and the mistresses doing this to me!! It’s who I am and become! There’s no going back ever as I’m ldws cream puff girl forever.

  • I absolutely LOVE this picture of the hot sissy in white panties and thigh highs. I love how you can see his cock head popping through the white fabric a little bit. (As a pervert, Maybe I made the picture larger to see it…) I find that most men are overall happier with panties on. They just need a bit of encouragement that it is okay for them to free themselves of what society says is okay. Great Post!!

  • Wes

    Wonderfully written Ms Catherine.. It really is amazing the impact panties can have on our mushy subbie minds when we relax and enjoy:)

  • Catherine

    Yes, it never ceases to amaze me – even now, Wessypoo!

  • Catherine

    “Maybe” you made the picture larger? LOL! 😉

  • Catherine

    You’re a good little cream puff!

  • Catherine

    I doubt you took much “making”, michael! Isn’t it closer to the truth to say she brought out feelings that were always there, but lying dormant?

  • Catherine

    “Turns in his man card” – I like that! 🙂

  • michael

    Yes, I think you are correct. The feelings were always there but I did not realize it. Not to that extent.
    So when she made me (there was a calm but clear force to her not violent but quite firm) I felt overwhelmed.
    I did not know these feelings were in me like this. I felt caught off guard and just froze. I feel like it is hard
    to explain that I felt like I had no choice. I just went numb in a way. It was very powerful. Is the numb feeling
    understandable. I don’t feel like most people would understand the feeling of not being able to object – or having
    a weak objection.

  • JudyCDNJ

    Oh I love the sound of your voice telling me how now we must go out purchase a new bra to go with the lovely white panties and some pantyhose and high heels along with a nice long dress and a purse or pocketbook with lipstick and eye shadow. Oh then tell me you were always to be a sissy. Your special sissy Mistress Catherine

  • Catherine

    That sounds like a fun outing, Judy – when shall we go?

  • Catherine

    You put it so well, michael.

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