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Naughty AND Nice!

You’ll hear that question a lot at this time of year; “Have you been naughty or nice?”  I say – “What’s wrong with being BOTH?”  You must agree that I’ve been naughty AND nice to my callers during the past year, I mean even when I’m hurting them (and you know that happens a lot) then I’m nice because that’s what they want.  Really.  Please don’t think I’m doing it purely for my own pleasure – no, not at all!  I’m only doing what that pain slut wanted me to do.  Believe me; it hurts me a lot more than it hurts them.  Well, ok, it doesn’t, but I’m trying to be nice!

Being Naughty IS Nice

All right, I’ll admit it.  I DO enjoy being naughty, but before you judge me too harshly let’s think about what “naughty” really means.  Is it naughty of me to put kinky, dirty, nasty ideas in your head?  Is it naughty of me to give you a good spanking?  Perhaps it is, but if those things make you cum harder than you’ve ever cum before, then isn’t it nice of me?

But You Want Me To Be Happy, Don’t You?

If I’m fucking someone else’s brains out instead of yours, that’s nice, isn’t it?  Because you did say you wanted me to be happy and this way everyone’s happy!  You ARE a happy cuckold, aren’t you?


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2 comments to Naughty AND Nice!

  • Ms Catherine, that was a very interesting discussion on this holiday’s judgement of ourselves. I agree, there is nothing wrong with being naught along with being nice. This is particularly true for us Mistresses as our work helps men integrate all parts of themselves.

  • Catherine

    I’m glad you agree, Ms Cindy, since you are both naughty and nice yourself!

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