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Are You Ready for 2018?

It’s that time of year again (already); are you nostalgic, looking back on 2017 and what happened to you and yours or are you, like me, looking ahead to a new year full of promise and expectation?

Thank You, Callers!

However, you feel at this time of year I want to thank everyone who’s called me in 2017 and even those of you who haven’t!  Some of you I know from your calls to me, some I know from the Enchantrix Empire site, and some from my Magic Bus shows but no matter how I know you I appreciate you and your support.  Any community is only as strong and as interesting as its members, and the Empire is very much a close community – I might even go so far as to say family and the feedback I get tells me that many of you feel the same.

Kinky Plans for 2018

Do you have kinky plans for 2018?  For instance, are you going to go, full-bore sissy, this year or perhaps you’re going to talk to your wife about those cuckold fantasies you’ve been having?  Are you planning to explore some new kinks or revisit some from the past?  Whatever you decide, I want to hear about it – hell, I want to be part of the decision!

I’d also like to say special thanks to those of you who sent gifts, gift certificates, cards and good wishes during the past year and of course over this holiday season.  Thank you, everyone.


If you’d like to explore this, or some other aspect of femdom, then just call me or, if you’d like to get to know me a little better first, join me for my hosted chat, The Magic Bus, on Mondays at 8 pm EST in our interactive chat room.  YOU MUST B18+ TO PARTICIPATE!

Skype ID: CatherineSpanks

For an erotic phone session with Empress Catherine, call 800-601-6975. (Must be 18+. Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10-minute minimum. Discreetly billed to your credit card.)

8 comments to Are You Ready for 2018?

  • Besides continuing to behave in my own inimitable fashion, I imagine you’ll have a wrinkle or two to throw into any exploration we undertake this year.

  • Ms Catherine, I hate to say it, but it is true…the time seems to pass a little more quickly each year. Nevertheless, the new year is the perfect time to get one’s goals in order and I am looking forward to a super-kinky year in 2018!

  • Alex

    Its been interesting so far. Especially when my wife brought in the New Year follicking with her well hung lover.

  • Catherine

    Now that DOES sound interesting – tell us more!

  • Catherine

    Super-kinky sounds good to me!

  • Catherine

    Wrinkles? We don’t need no steenkin’ wrinkles…

  • Petey cream puff

    2018 is going to be year where I do more calls with the mistresses but in the shorter variety (20 minutes) now that the mistresses have me on a feminization program and I plan on being more girlish wear more women’s clothes/boots/bras/panties/slips/
    Dresses/makeup/lipsticks/leggings/yoga pants/women’s turtleneck sweaters/blouses. There’s no use in resisting or fighting this.

    Ps also my masseuse has taken pictures of me madeup/lipstick on along with having me try on dresses/women’s clothes/measuring/fitting me in bra as well using same women’s facial lotions as she does to keep my skin girlish soft.

  • Catherine

    Sounds like a good plan of action, petey!

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