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Poor little sissy; sitting there, trembling like an aspen leaf.  Wearing a pair of pretty panties under one’s business suit was one thing, but this was something entirely new.  Entirely big.  Entirely scary.

Will Sissy Be Punished?

What was Mistress going to do?  There had been hints of a “special reward”.  What would it be? The strap-on?  Surely not!  Sissy knew she wasn’t ready for that yet.  She dreaded the strap-on and longed for it at the same time.  Thinking of the strap-on, in spite of Sissy’s anxiety, she became aware of movement, a slight stirring under the ruffled panties, more sensed than felt, like  a tiny, fearful rabbit hiding in the undergrowth.

She shouldn’t have been so early but she’d been so afraid of being late.  What kind of punishment would Mistress exact for that?  The strapon image flitted through her head again.  This was confusing; was the strap-on punishment or reward?

What If …?

Sissy had been excited when she was dressing, aroused and feeling strong and confident when she saw her new self in the mirror.  Now that excitement was tempered with more than a little fear and apprehension.  What if Mistress didn’t like her?  What if she had an accident in her panties?  That might be the worst thing of all!

The nervous sissy took a deep breath and closed her eyes, struggling to calm herself.  She heard the clicking of high heels on hardwood floors, then felt a warm, firm hand on her thigh, creeping up under the layers of petticoats.  Sissy swallowed.  Hard.


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