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“You Really Enjoy This, Don’t You?”

It’s usually said with an expression of surprise.  I’m not often asked the question “Do you like doing what you do?” but sometimes a caller will express surprise that I very obviously DO enjoy it.

It shouldn’t really be a surprise.  Think of it this way, I’m a naturally dominant woman who enjoys all kinds of men and I have very catholic tastes when it comes to sex.


Callers come to me for more than just phone sex, more than just “getting off” (although of course some do).  They trust me with their secrets, confess their hidden desires and often, particularly in the case of sissies, call me entirely in their preferred persona.  How can I not be touched, flattered even, by their trust?  How could I earn that trust if I didn’t enjoy what I do?

Express Your [real] Self

For many of my callers this is their only opportunity to express themselves whether they’re pain sluts, humiliation sluts or simply enjoy a little guided masturbation.  Can you imagine listening to those callers if you didn’t enjoy it?  Can you imagine offering advice, pain, humiliation, whatever it is they’re into if you didn’t really want to?  It would make for a pretty miserable existence and would most definitely make for a pretty poor call and we don’t do those around here!


If you’d like to explore this, or some other aspect of femdom, then just call me or, if you’d like to get to know me a little better first, join me for my hosted chat, The Magic Bus, on Mondays at 8pm EST in our interactive chat room at and listen to me at my live YouTube channel. YOU MUST B18+ TO PARTICIPATE.

Skype ID: CatherineSpanks

For an erotic phone session with Empress Catherine, call 800-601-6975. (Must be 18+. Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10-minute minimum. Discreetly billed to your credit card.)

3 comments to “You Really Enjoy This, Don’t You?”

  • Every adult no matter what need to express themselves sexually whether it’s through phone sex or sexting. And because men think of sex more than women they like to keep it fresh and mix it up. Phone sex does just that and more. Fantasy, porn, and sex have a very powerful effect in people’s brain, soul, and bodies. SO expressing oneself through phone sex is completely harmless.

  • After all the years of speaking with you, I never feel that you are not into our calls. From the very first call to the present day I always leave the call just as excited for the next call. I would posit that sometimes (okay, often) you are too into the call (for my own good anyway! **looks innocent**

  • Catherine

    It seems to me it’s being “excited” that gets you into trouble!

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