slaveChastity slaves, just bear with me for a moment.  I know most men want to cum, whether they’re in chastity, in some kind of relationship or just having fun with their hands, but think on this for a moment.  What if you HAD to cum.  What if you had to cum even when you weren’t in the mood (rare moments, I know).  What if you had a woman, or even a team of women, urging you to cum several times a day.  Day after day.  Oh sure, it might be okay for the first couple of days, but what about after that?

Cum – Or Else!

What if you had to cum or… ?  Of course there’d be consequences, but what would they be?  That would be entirely up to the Mistress in charge but you know they’d be pretty drastic.  Don’t you?  What if you couldn’t measure up?  What if you couldn’t meet your daily quota of cum production?  What if you got performance anxiety?  Hey – it could happen!

Performance Anxiety

You know what that is, don’t you?  You know how your bladder refuses to co-operate when the doctor asks you for a sample?  Well, it’s just like that.  No matter how full, how blue, your balls might be, as soon as you know you have to give a sample they refuse to co-operate.   Consequences, consequences…


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