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Most males should be kept in chastity, whether they’re sissies, pets, slaves, or anything else you can name.  Although they may not realise it, they’re much better off being kept under the strict control of a Mistress like myself.

Benefits of Chastity

For a start, you’ll find you’re much more productive in your daily life!  It’s surprising how much more you’ll get done when you don’t have to think about your cock all day long and let’s face it, you DO think about it all day long, don’t you?  When you’re left to your own devices, that is.  When I’m in control of your orgasms, you can relax in the knowledge that I have it all in hand (so to speak…) and you don’t even have to think about how and when you can sneak off for a sneaky wank.

Pets in Chastity

It probably goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that pets are incapable of controlling their own orgasms and a cock cage of some kind is an absolute must!  When a pet is left alone in his cage for long periods of time, it’s inevitable that he will want to start stroking his cock, squeezing his balls, all that stuff that feels so good to his little mind.  A pet will, of course, be allowed an occasional orgasm, but only when under strict supervision!

Would you like to talk about how chastity will improve your life?  Just give me a call!


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If you’d like to explore this or some other aspect of femdom, then call me and, if you’d like to get to know me a little first, join me for my hosted chat, The Magic Bus, on Mondays at 8pm EST in our chat room at Must be 18+.

Skype ID: CatherineSpanks

For an erotic phone session with Empress Catherine, call 800-601-6975. (Must be 18+. Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10-minute minimum. Discreetly billed to your credit card.)

9 comments to Chastity

  • Mistress Amber

    Chastity is the greatest method for behavior modification that I know. And the change in the submissive when they are locked can be like night and day. For masturbators that just can’t stop touching themselves or even guys that need to adopt a more respectful tone and attiude, chastity addresses all of this and creates a more obedient boy. Glad to see a blog on it, definitely not a subject I get tired of!

  • Petey cream puff

    Ms Cindy/Ms Audery/Ms Violet & Ms Emma said chastity is going to happen to me since I can’t control my self:( :0 Ms Emma has superglued breast forms on my chest and I have perky D cup breasts Ms Cindy picked out pink bra for me to wear along with panties and applied lipstick on me:( :0 Ms Violet me to get girlish hair cut and French manicure and Ms Aurdey gave me feminine arched eyebrows. Looking at what they did to me they turned me into a girl with no intention of me ever going back. Whe Cindy put lipstick on me I made a mess in my panties and the other 3 mistresses said its time to lock me up. Now with that happening I won’t be able to get off anymore and they have total control over me as I’m their cream puff sissy forever

  • Great Post Mistress Catherine (My Voice of Fetish)!!

    Let us find A Chastity Device That i can use Long Term and i’m All Game..

    And Let Me tell you, You are so right Catherine i think all men Should be in Denial in Some way to reach the Peak of Pleasure that i have experienced Since i Started using the Mistress’s of the LDW!!

    Cause before i found LDW i was a 5 to 7 times a Day kind of dude (So take it from Me) If you could Abstain from Masturbation for at least a couple of weeks and even more you will have Something real Good coming to you just you see..

    So let the LDW Mistress’s Help you!!

    As always Sending LOVE from your Tease Slut Darling From Norway!!

  • Mike w/o hat

    Chastity is a wonderful way to help keep our focus where it belongs… On serving! Still,
    One does ache while locked and thoughts do turn to the erotic…. But they are quickly snapped back to obedience and submission by the reality of the steel bars…and the knowledge that Mistress controls our release! Thanks for the great post!

  • Catherine

    And thank you, newty, for describing the state of chastity so well!

  • Catherine

    Thank you, darling, for your wonderful comment – I’m happy to know how well chastity is working for you!

  • Catherine

    Of course chastity is going to happen to you, petey!

  • Catherine

    Yes, Ms Amber, you know so well how effective chastity is!

  • Petey cream puff

    I know its going to happen. im already submissive and this will keep me this way all the time. As far as being feminine with all of you turning me into a girl and looking like a girl I’ve no traces of being a guy with what all of you did to me. With long girlish hair/arched feminine eye brows/long nails and d cup breast forms glued to me I am a girl locked up. It is painful when I get hard but the pink cage reminds me that I’m ldw’s cream puff chastity girl.

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