You don’t have to be a sissy to be in chastity, nor do you have to be in chastity to be a sissy, but a sissy in chastity is my idea of heaven!  Not only do I get to dress you up like some kind of little doll, but I get to torment you by teasing your little cocklette/clitty without letting you cum!

Sissies Are Naughty

It’s a simple fact.  Sissies are naughty.  They’re naughty by nature although, of course, some sissies are naughtier than others.  They simply cannot keep their hands where they should be, their probing little fingers just cannot stay out of their panties.

Are the Panties to Blame?

Is it because of the pretty, frilly little panties they wear?  Is that why they just can’t control themselves?  I really think there might be something in that.  We all know how good their stiff little clitties feel in a pair of pink, lacy, silky panties, so is it any wonder that they have no self-control at all?

That’s why they need a strict Mistress like ME to keep them in chastity and keep their hands OFF those clitties!



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