Now that I’ve cajoled, wheedled, bullied, coerced, coaxed, inveigled, beguiled and/or seduced you into wearing my panties, what to do with you?

So Many Options

There are many things I might like to do to you, or with you, and so much depends on my mood at on any given day but one thing that’s always constant is how delicious it is to peel down a pair of panties, over your buttocks and down around your knees or ankles.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 18.44.44

What Happens Next?

What happens next might vary a little but most likely you’ll be pulled over my lap for a good old-fashioned, bare-handed spanking!  Never mind asking what you’ve done; it’s not necessary to have “done” anything – I’m doing it for the sheer pleasure of it.

And Then…

Of course I always have a trusty strap-on close at hand – just in case the urge to use it on you overwhelms me but don’t worry, I’ll make sure you love it.  Just take a deep breath…


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