It may have escaped your notice, but I enjoy tormenting men. “Surely not – say it’s not so!” I hear you cry, but believe me, I enjoy tormenting men.

I was thinking today about some recent torment I’ve enjoyed inflicting and, to be quite honest, I can’t think why I haven’t thought of it before. It’s a sad, but true, fact that I meet a lot of men these days who I feel will make perfectly adequate (sometimes surprisingly good) subbies but don’t meet my (admittedly exacting) requirements to be a fuck buddy.

Combine that fact with another fact. I like kissing. In fact, I luuuurrrve kissing! I do think it’s become a rather underrated skill in these days of getting your kit off at the merest hint of compliance and diving straight into penetrative sex.

Kissing Crusade

So you might say I’m on a sort of crusade.  (Of course, you might say I’m just a cock-teasing bitch, but let’s be nice here.)  I’m on a crusade to restore the kiss and, more particularly, the necking session! “Where do these slightly inadequate males come into it?”  I hear you ask yourself.  Well, I’m sooooo glad you asked!  I’ve decided to return to the days when I’d go out with a boy, allow him to kiss me long and passionately in the back of his car (posh) in bus shelters (not so posh but convenient) in the back row of the cinema, leaning against his motorcycle (exciting but uncomfortable) etc., etc. but never allow him as much as a grope over my sweater.  To say the boy in question returned home with blue balls is an understatement.  Some of them could barely walk!


I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying this return to my youth, kissing men with much more expertise than formerly and including the occasional “accidental” brushing of his hard cock with the back of my hand, perhaps a firm thigh pressing between his.  Reliving the delights of that first French kiss that I remember so well…

Blue balls?  You’d better believe it!


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