Today’s post is inspired by a couple of different things; first of all by the response to my previous post about kissing – it would seem I hit a nerve in many of you – and by the fact that I’ve been sick as the proverbial dog with some kind of ‘flu bug for the past few days.

You may think there’s no connection between the two, but really there is (or does that connection exist only in my still-fevered brain?  You be the judge).  You see I was gratified to hear how many of you share my enthusiasm for kissing, after me thinking it was a lost art!  I got to thinking about kissing and body worship.  I got to thinking about how it would be to be kissed, long and languidly, all over my naked body.

More Torment for You

What’s the connection with having the ‘flu?  As I lay there, tossing and turning feverishly in my bed I was reminded that there are similarities between food/eating and sex.  You see I tend to become extremely horny when I’m running a high temperature, but my usual (rather athletic) sex is somewhat beyond my capabilities.  I just don’t have the energy.  Just as I might want to eat (and feel I should eat) when I’m ill but just don’t have the appetite.  So how to combine these things with kissing and with torment for you?

Body Worship

How about you kiss me all over – and I do mean all over?  I get to just lie here, covered only in a fine sheen of perspiration, groaning softly, while you kiss every naked part of me.  Why is this torment for you?  Because you only get to use your lips – no tongue, no fingers, no anything else.  It goes without saying there’ll be no orgasm for you.  Not even close.  I even came up with some ideas for making sure you can’t use your tongue, but I’ll save those for a later date.


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