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The Cuckold as Fluffer

Yes, sometimes the cuckold is also fluffer and this is perhaps my favourite cuckold scenario when it comes to phone femdom.  And before you little cuckies start protesting “But I’m not gay!” I’ll point out that it wouldn’t be nearly so much fun if you were!  No, what I like is the cuckold who’s willing to do ANYTHING for me (yes, there’s that magic word again) and to prove it he’s willing to go down on his knees, naked, before my lover.  Willing to have me guide my lover’s throbbing cock into his reluctant mouth and then to suck, lick and kiss that cock; all the time thinking about where it’s going next.  Being the size queen I am, my lover’s cock will invariably be much larger than cuckie’s, much harder and able to last so much longer.  The sensations flooding through cuckie will be almost unbearable; feelings of inadequacy, of humiliation, of jealousy but at the same time cuckie’s cock will be harder than it’s ever been.  Just knowing that I’m watching and that I’m aroused will be enough to ensure THAT, after all isn’t it every cuckie’s dream to have his wife/girlfriend in a heightened state of arousal?  When’s the last time that happened?  And this time it’s all because of cuckie and what he’s doing (or so he tells himself at least).  Cuckie is of course rewarded by the sight of me enjoying that beautiful penis in ways I’ve never enjoyed his and if he’s a VERY good cuckie, he’ll be allowed to masturbate at some stage watched, of course, by me and my lover.  Too much pressure?  I think not!  After an evening of being my cuckold and fluffer, he’ll have no trouble at all exploding in front of my lover and me as we bask in post-orgasmic bliss…

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20 comments to The Cuckold as Fluffer

  • i like Lego pRon .

    i want to be dominated by a cranky Lego domme .

    n e 1 4 cam ?

    calls ?

  • More videos will be coming soon! Maybe the Cannibal and Tenille show?

  • Eddie

    Part of me really enjoyed reading the blog, reveled in the fantasy and the scene portrayed. I’m not so sure if it’s something I could actually do as the desire and the aversion would be so great I may just be torn in two.

  • DCmike

    Very erotic blog Ms. Catherine! One would be a lucky cuckold indeed to be in your service…..Oh, and looking forward to the videos 🙂

  • is the Cannibal & Tenille show on pay cable ?

    ah caint affords no pay cable .

  • Kevin

    Very hot! This would be completely humiliating, but so hot, especially the intense rush of all the conflicting feelings you mentioned. It would be the ultimate, undeniable recognition of my inferiority and lowly place in the relationship.

  • Yes, kevin – that’s what I find so intriguing, the overwhelming rush of conflicting emotions and sensations…

  • Not to worry, financing is available for the needy and greedy.

  • Thank you mike, glad you liked it!

  • Well, perhaps I wouldn’t want you to go quite THAT far…

  • Forrest Hicks

    I have to agree with Eddie, I am not sure I could get into the act. But then again I am just a casual observer anyway.
    I am also looking for funding for the Butters and Marie show.

  • Mistress Catherine it’s a lot of fun not only being just a regular cuckold for a woman, but being a fluffer for her at a gang bang is very exciting and fun also!

  • did the cuckold dude/dudette have hairy armpits ?????

  • Of course! How did you know, was it YOU???

  • You’re right Jeff, it IS! You sound like you’re speaking from experience – anything you care to tell us?

  • *sends 50 cents towards the Butters and Marie show*

  • Forrest Hicks

    Thank you Ms Catherine that makes it 1.50 may get it out by the end of the century

  • sissy b


    Wow, that is almost my exact fantasy! It works best because the cuck is straight, otherwise its just a threesome. My only contribution to change the experience would be to have me wearing my frilliest maid outfit and instead of getting to see any action, i would be busy laundering the Bull’s clothes, polishing His shoes and making the two of them a special breakfast in bed which i could serve them in the morning. Mimosas anyone?

  • Carrie

    Oh my, I’m so into this senerio! Does the guy cum in the cucks mouth? Does he have to go down on her and clean up the Alpha Males mess? Is cuckie ordered to guide the Real Mans cock in her pussy?

  • Darling you sound like the perfect cuckold! And yes, of course he’s straight – it wouldn’t be any fun otherwise!

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