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The Handyman’s Son

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Dinner? There’s no dinner. I haven’t had time for that. I’ve been…busy. You were the one who sent for the handyman. Sent for him to do those jobs around the house that you could do yourself – if you were a real man. Well, he couldn’t make it so he sent his son. Oh yes, he has a son – and what a son! A big handsome boy – not at all like his father.

Yes, I know you’ve had a hard day at work, but someone’s got to make some money. How do you think I feel? I’m exhausted. Well I’m trying to tell you why if you’d just shut up and listen. You know how I am – I like to make people feel comfortable. The young man was quite shy at first and I wanted to make him feel at ease. Then, when he started working, he became quite warm – I had to give him a couple of your beers so he could cool off a bit – yes the expensive imported stuff. I knew you wouldn’t mind. Anyway, he was still a bit hot so I persuaded him to take his shirt off. He still seemed a little… uncomfortable, so I thought it might help if I slipped into something more casual. Funnily enough, that seemed to make him even warmer! So much so that – well perhaps he misunderstood my intention – perhaps he thought that just because I was wearing only a bra and panties he could take off his pants. Well, I didn’t want to be rude and anyway I was so surprised – shocked even – by the size of his cock that I just didn’t know what to say. You know what the sight of a hard young cock- especially a really big one – does to me oh, I forgot – how could you know? At any rate I felt bad because I’d apparently caused this erection and, really, how could I expect him to work with that? So I thought I’d better to something about it, I mean I couldn’t leave him in that state could I? He seemed to like how my breasts looked in that bra you bought me – that black Belgian lace one. The one I haven’t let you see me wearing yet. Expensive? Oh – was it? Well, anyway, I took it off so that he could get a better look at my breasts and he seemed to really like them – he especially seemed to like how erect my nipples were. You know how erect they always are – especially when I’m aroused. Yes, I suppose it has been a long time since you’ve seen them. He seemed to like them so much that I thought he might like to examine them more closely – perhaps with his lips and tongue – and so I cupped my breasts in my hands and sort of held them out to him and do you know, he immediately knew what I meant – what a bright young man! He bent down – yes he IS rather tall – and took each nipple into his mouth in turn and licked and sucked until I found myself becoming quite wet in my panties. At this point I remembered that you would be just coming out of that important meeting and that you’d probably like me to call you to see how it went but then I also remembered that you’ve always said that my pleasure comes first – that it’s important to you that I enjoy myself, so I thought “Well, why not?” I knew you wouldn’t mind. So I sat up on the kitchen table, pulled off my panties and used my fingers to open the lips of my hot cunt – you wouldn’t believe how hot and wet it was Oh, you can imagine, can you? Well, as I say, he’s apparently quite a bright young man and immediately seemed to know just what I wanted. He got down on his knees and started to suck on my clitoris, to stick his tongue right inside me. His tongue was absolutely enormous – not as big as his cock of course, but certainly bigger than, let’s see… bigger than you cock actually. What’s wrong darling, you’ve gone quite red in the face, are you quite all right? Anyway, after that, what else could I do but fuck the young man. It would have been rude not to and I knew you wouldn’t mind.

Anyway, since you left me no money – and I certainly wasn’t going to use my own – he’s coming back again tomorrow. I knew you wouldn’t mind. You’ll have to be here to pay him and I did promise him a little extra, for his trouble… Darling – are you sure you’re all right?

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Empress Catherine

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  • Hi there! I’m on letter C in my blog, so that means you are in my latest post and I just wanted to let you know. :*
    I love your writing by the way.

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