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Hello 2009!

So you think you want a free ten-minute call with me?  Drop a comment telling me what you’d like to talk to me about.   More importantly, what are the things you think
like to talk about? Of course, if you’re able to mention chocolate somewhere, anywhere, I’m sure you’ll score some extra points!

I’ll be out tonight carousing and cavorting, revelling and roistering and generally having a good time.  If at all possible, I’ll be stopping in at the Mistress party in the chat room at   (Check out for details. ) Hope you’ll join us there to celebrate Hogmanay!

Happy new year to you all!

5 comments to Hello 2009!

  • asia

    Happy New Years!!! This year i resolve to cut my chocolate beer drinking in half. I’m going to use smaller glasses lol.

  • asia

    i put the wrong comment on the wrong blog lol. i would like to talk about about an erotic tide on the magic bus invovling chocolate flavoured massage oil. The bus would not be moving but i’m sure it would be rocking. HAPPY NEW YEARS

  • I am just a poor submissive male, what I want to talk doesn’t matter! What I hope Governess Catherine wants to talk about is punishing my bare bottem, withholding and controlling my orgasms, and providing harsh, loving discipline for the year. Of course, I resolve to never miss a trip on the Magic Bus, and to provide weekly Chocolates to my British Temptress who leaves me just a little bit more “Helpless” each week.

    Let 2009 begin
    Happy New Year


  • wes

    I resolve to have more control over my orgasm’s in 2009. I know that my LDW Mistress will help me with this goal. Her words melt as smooth as Godiva chocolate on my mind.

  • I have 10 resolutions, which I am submitting in top 10 list Letterman standardized format. (drumroll….)

    #10: I will attend every magic bus ride that includes a special bedtime story about the Erotic Adventures of Shrimp Boy! (OK, that’s not exactly a hard resolution to keep.)

    #9: I will never make even even the slightest untoward or disrespectful comment about how Canadians speak again, eh.

    #8: I will learn what in the heck they are really singing about in that “Louie, Louie” song.

    #7: I will increase the number of times I tell Empress Catherine how lovely her voice is from the customary 8 times a magic bus ride show, to at least 11.

    #6: I will stop slouching on the bus. Not that one can tell with a shrimp, but hey, it’s something.

    #5: I will put in a nice dining compartment into the Magic Bus, if our driver asia can promise to stop taking speed bumps at 90 and also begin to treat guard rails, sidewalks, and shopping mall corridors with more respect

    #4: I will attempt not to show up as an appetizer into our newly established dining compartment

    #3: I will attempt not to let anyone else show up as an appetizer in the dining compartment when Canadian_Cannibal is around

    #2: I will learn what in the heck a charabanc is

    And my #1 resolution for 2009…

    #1: I will finally get that grant I have been working on for the past 10 years, to establish the “Free Chocolate Confections For Mistresses Institute”

    – tonydshrimp

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