This is a special story written by “little x”. If you’d rather listen to me reading the words of little x then just click here…

As we walk up the front steps together, I lean over and say directly into your ear, “I let you come to this party with me as a special treat, little one, and I expect you to be a good boy. You’ll be the only male among a lot of beautiful women, and I don’t want you gawking at them or being a nuisance, so you behave!” I give your bottom a sharp little smack with my hand for emphasis. Inside, the living room and dining room are filled with elegantly dressed ladies and I see your eyes light up. As I make my way around to greet my lady friends, I notice that you are looking about and always trying to position yourself so that you can watch one of the ladies cross or uncross her legs or lean forward to pick up her glass, hoping no doubt for a glimpse of her cleavage or her stockings or even (as I’m sure you’re desperately hoping) her panties.

I grab your upper arm and yank you closer and say sternly, “I told you to behave yourself, and here you are leering at my girfriends. If you don’t stop that, I’ll have to put you over my knee and spank you right here in front of everyone. With your pants DOWN! Now go get us some punch.”

You blush hotly with embarrassment since I made no attempt to lower my voice and the ladies around us all heard me scold you. As you head for the refreshment table, my friend Gloria (with her gorgeous figure and perhaps the lowest-cut neckline in the room) smiles wickedly and walks to the other side of the punchbowl from you. She leans forward slowly and lets her hand linger on one of the glasses, giving you a long look directly down into her cleavage, showing you her lovely breasts cupped in a pretty lacy bra. As you drink in the sight, she raises her eyes and catches you looking, but she holds the position just a bit longer and smiles again, looking first at you and then over at me.

I walk over to you and grab your ear with one hand and one of the dining room chairs with the other, and I drag you and the chair out to the middle of the room, scolding you all the way. “I told you not to gawk at my girlfriends, and you disobeyed, and now you’re going to get a good, sound spanking!” I sit down in the chair and unbuckle your belt and unzip your pants as you meekly protest. By the time I have pulled down your pants, everyone in the room is watching with amusement. They see you standing there in front of me with your pants around your ankles showing off the pretty pink panties that I make you wear under all your clothing.

“Isn’t that adorable?” Gloria remarks as she sees me grasp your panties and whisk them down as well, and then turn you over my knee. I begin to spank you hard, and your face burns with shame as well as your bare bottom. It seems to go on forever, but then Gloria reaches into her handbag and produces a large pink wooden hairbrush and asks if I wouldn’t like to use that. I thank her and take the hairbrush, and then I continue to spank and spank and spank. I can’t tell if you are crying more from embarrassment or from the sting in your backside.

When I think your bottom is the proper shade of red, I march you to the corner and tell you to stand there with your pants down while I go back to conversing with my friends. You can hear them talking and laughing behind you, but you know you’re not allowed to turn around. Now they all know you’re a naughty little pantyboy and they can all see your soundly-spanked bottom. And you are fully aware that I will give you another spanking when we get home. But that’s another story…

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