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You begin to shed your clothes the moment you walk through the door. I smile when I see the panties you wore all day. You’ve worn them since I handed them to you still warm from my body. And yet still you say you are not mine.

I stand in the middle of the floor waiting for you. You drop to your knees, naked except for the panties, and begin to crawl across the floor on hands and knees towards me. You bend and kiss my booted feet. As you do so you feel my other foot on the back of your neck and pure lust flushes your body. You think of me every moment of the day and night. Even in your dreams I’m there. While you’re making all those big important decisions in your office, I’m there in your head. The sound of my name pulses constantly through your veins. You count the minutes until you can spend time with me. Any kind of time. Yet still you say you are not mine.

I move my foot and allow you to sit up. My strap-on looms large in your face. I hold it out so that you may kiss, suck, engulf the hard rubber. Your own cock responds as you feel the dildo hit the back of your throat. Your eyes are closed but you hear the sound of my cane slicing the air and your heart begins to pound so hard that I can feel it from where I stand. Can you endure another caning? You still wear the scars from the last time. Even as you ask yourself this, you know that you will suffer any pain for me. Still, you say you are not mine.

I slide the dildo from your mouth and you begin to shake with anticipation. The sweat beads and runs down your body. Your breathing becomes hard and shallow. I grab you fiercely by the hair and hold your head steady. You moan softly. You feel me close to your face, my warm breath on your cheek, and you brace yourself against the coming pain. But the pain does not come – yet. Instead you feel something warm, soft, wet and sweet against your lips. My tongue slides between them and fills your mouth. Your penis throbs and pulses. Your soul dissolves and floats away. You are undone.

Do you still say you are not mine?

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Empress Catherine