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Safe, Sane and Consensual – Part III

The rule of the three S’s doesn’t just protect the subbie; it protects the Domme as well.  For the most part, my callers are perfectly sane (well, you know …) and the games we play are safe since so many of them exist in fantasy only, and of course, they’re consensual.

Not-So-Sane Requests . . . → Read More: Safe, Sane and Consensual – Part III

A Spanking for Sissy

It’s sad but true that a sissy can’t always behave the way she should.  Oh, I know – she does try but sometimes that clitty just gets the best of her.  Of course, if she were in complete control of her clitty she wouldn’t need a Mistress to help . . . → Read More: A Spanking for Sissy

Catherine’s Empire – What’s Happening?

Ah yes, what IS happening in Catherine’s Empire?  Well, apart from the usual pleasure and pain, the thing that’s probably most obvious to you all is the fact that the Magic Bus has changed.  Yes, again.  Unfortunately, now that I can’t play music on the Bus because of the recent platform change, I’ve decided . . . → Read More: Catherine’s Empire – What’s Happening?

Another Place to Find Your Favourite Phone Sex Mistress

Now you have absolutely NO excuse – don’t come whining to me that you couldn’t find me, didn’t know how to get in touch with me, etc. because in addition to all the other places you can see what makes me tick, you can now follow me on tumblr!  Not only that, . . . → Read More: Another Place to Find Your Favourite Phone Sex Mistress

Dogging – With a Dominant Woman!

Part II

There was no point in subby-hubby asking any more questions – he knew he’d get no explanation – so instead he followed his Mistress obediently down the dirt track deeper and deeper into the dark woods.  The sounds of various night creatures only served to heighten his apprehension and yet, . . . → Read More: Dogging – With a Dominant Woman!